“I have oily skin, so I don’t think an oil-based product is a right fit for me”,  “I'll have multiple breakouts on my face if I use an oil-based product”… These and more are some of the widely spread misconceptions we’ve heard over time about oil-based products on oily skin. We’re here to debunk this information and state that it’s all a fallacy.  

Do I Need More Oil on My Oily Skin?

        This may sound ridiculous but oil-based products are great for oily skin and here’s why; the natural oil on your oily skin is good because it works together with the oil applied to your skin and provides the right amount of moisture. If by any chance your skin is deprived of moisture, your skin is forced to put its own oil production into overdrive, thereby causing the skin to produce even more oil and this might lead to breakouts. This is why it’s really important you use a body/facial oil that’s great for oily skin types to seal in moisture, and keep your skin hydrated and plump. 

So the answer to the question is Yes! You need an oil-based product irrespective of the fact you have oily skin.

The Best Oil For Your Skin

 When selecting the best oil for oily skin, you should go for those that are light and can be absorbed easily into the skin, to ensure your pores don’t get clogged. Some of them are; Argan, Jojoba, Tea tree, Lavender essential oils, etc.

Some of these oils are infused into Toriara’s Natural product to aid those with oily skin balance their oil production and tricks the body into producing less oil, which in turn means less chance for breakouts.  Here are the recommended products for those with oily skin;

Whipped Shea Body Butter {Lavender}; It's a great moisturizer that ensures the skin is well hydrated and  contains Lavender & Teatree oil

Whipped Shea - Mango Body Butter {Lemongrass}; It contains jojoba Oil that tricks the skin into producing less oil and ensures it stays moisturized.

Exfoliating clay mask; It clears the skin surface of excess oil and dirt

Honey and turmeric liquid black soapHelps with acne breakouts and deep-cleanses the skin to minimize excess production of oil.

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