Recycling Program

As a consciously clean beauty and wellness brand, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving our people and the planet. Wherever possible we use recyclable packaging from PET jars and bottles to our mailer boxes, cartons, and paper bags.

As we gradually work towards changing our packaging from PET bottles to glass, we are making it easier by inculcating paper refill pouches to help us reduce plastic waste. 

We are thrilled to take the first step to become a more eco-conscious brand through our recycling program ‘Toriara Eco” and we encourage our customers to join us to make the planet safer and free of plastic waste.

To participate in this program follow the simple steps below to recycle 5 plastic containers of ANY size, and get 10% off your next order. Not only are you helping to keep the planet clean and safe, but you will also be getting a reward for your good deed.

How it works;

  • Complete the form below to request a pickup
  • Package your clean and dent free empties and handover to our pickup representative
  • A discount code will be sent to your email or a free product will be sent out with your next order.
  • Note: Pick-up is free, you only pay for redelivery.

Alternatively, you can visit our factory store and drop off your empties at the stand labelled ‘Toriara Eco’ while you shop for your favourite products. Only Clean and dent-free empties will be accepted.