Gifting on a Tight Budget

It’s the holiday season again and it’s the time for lots of parties and presents.

Let’s face it: Getting gifts this season can be a herculean task especially because it comes with monetary responsibility. But not to worry, we have rounded up simple ways to give gifts to everyone on your list even on a very tight budget. Something like a skyscraper on a bungalow budget!

Tips to gifting on a tight budget

  • Make a list; At the end of the day, you don’t want to look back and realize you’ve missed out on a special person. It’s important you have a list ranging from employees, co-workers, friends, employers, business partners, neighbors, to your family members. Don’t forget to include your name on the list.
  • Make a budget; Now you have a list, so what’s next? The most wonderful time of the year shouldn’t leave you broke. A remedy to that would be to have a budget. This will guide you on how much to spend per person or category.
  • Be creative; The number of people on your list shouldn’t stress you out. There are creative and affordable gifts that are less than ₦20,000 that would put a smile on your recipient's face.
  • Consider lasting and safe gifts; Give out items that the recipient uses on a regular basis and the recipient will thank you anytime they use them. The current trend on natural and safe beauty products is a good way to start. Guess who wants to take good care of their skin using the purest and safest materials? Everybody! Toriara Naturals products are effective, safe and available in sizes different from the usual 250/600ml (50ml / 100ml).
  • Think customization; Everyone wants to feel loved. And that’s what customized gifts do to their recipient. They make people feel special. A simple handwritten note which could be a heartfelt message or simple humor will work wonders.
  • Think variety; Variety is the spice of life. Spicy up your gifts and wow your recipients by including a mix of various products. Try a mix of our body oils, body butter, and liquid black soap body wash. This here is the perfect deal for variety.
  • Packaged like a pro; most gifts you would get this season will come already packaged but if it isn’t, a colorful paper wrap, boxes and paper bags with a cute ribbon will do the magic. There is a whole bunch in party stores and supermarkets, you would be spoilt of choice. We offer a variety of packaging options too.


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At the end of the day, the thought matters more than the gift itself (This is the secret).  Having your recipient at heart is the best way to give valuable gifts even on a tight budget. It doesn’t matter how expensive, inexpensive, big, or small the gift is, it’s the value you have placed on it that makes the great difference.


Happy Gifting!

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