Body oil And It's Versatile Functions

Body lotions are usually the first form of moisturizer we add to our cart when shopping for skincare essentials, notwithstanding body oils are also great moisturizers and unlike body lotions, they are versatile and can be used to achieve various purposes.

Uncertain on what exactly body oils can do for your skin? Sit back let's enlighten you on the various benefits and in so doing, we hope you apply these tips.

What are body oils?

Body oil simply means the oil you apply to your body to enhance your skin texture and prevent dryness. Body oils are usually derived from roots, fruits, and seeds.

Why should I use body oil?

 Incorporating body oil into your skincare routine is really essential for so many reasons, but the major one being; oils penetrate the skin deeper and better than lotion and butter (Oils are highly recommended for ‘Individuals with dry skin’). 

Diverse ways you can use body oil.

  • Apart from the usual application of body oil to the skin, there are other ways one can relish their body oil and incorporate it in various ways.
  • Add some drops of body oil to your bath; After doing this, get into it and sit for some minutes, this enhances moisturizing.
  • Apply immediately when you get out of the shower; Before you completely dry off your body after your shower, apply generously to parts of your body while it is still damp, this is very helpful for people with dry skin.
  • Add a few drops of oil to your body cream to enhance its texture and boost moisture especially for dry skin
  • Your body oil can also be substituted for massage oil, it is extremely beneficial to your skin, and it would loosen up the muscles, and relieve you of stress, the fragrance can also have the healing power of uplifting sour moods.

The bottom line is that you should get creative with your body oils and utilize them in various ways to get your money’s worth.

Toriara’s body oils are 100% natural and handmade from the best plants and seeds to help improve the texture of your skin and improve wellness, and are available in different categories.

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