Brighten and Glow Facial

Your 5-step facial guideline to correct dullness & discoloration for an instantly bright, smooth complexion.

  1. Start fresh by applying Deep cleansing and exfoliating face wash to dry skin to breakdown and strip the skin of dirt and then rinse out.
  1. Apply a thick layer of the pore refining and exfoliating mask to detoxify pores and absorb the oil. After 15 minutes, rinse and dry your skin with with a flannel/towel
  2. Follow with our favourite hack for instant glow: use a cotton pad to apply the rich hydration and brightening toner on the face and let dry on the face.
  3. Massage Anti-aging Vitamin C serum onto face and target discoloration and brighten skin and to target wrinkles
  4. Finish with deep moisturizing and brightening face cream to lock in moisture and to complete skin nourishment.

Toriara’s Tip

Elevate your in-home Brighten & Glow facial experience after a hectic week with any of our body oil for a self-indulgent & delicious scented full body treatment and sip a glass of wine while at it. You can also use our Jade roller to maximize face lift & glow.

Deep Cleansing & Exfoliating Face Wash
Pore Refining & Detoxifying Mask
Rich Hydration & Brightening Toner


Anti - Aging Vitamin C Serum
Deep Moisturising & Brightening Face Cream

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