Body Revitalizing Treatment

Your 4-step full body treatment to exfoliate & moisturize for silky smooth, firm looking skin.

  1. Apply African black soap (Lemongrass) onto wet skin and rinse off in shower or bath.
  2. Massage Raw sugar Scrub (Lemongrass) gently on dry skin and rinse off with warm water. This is your essential exfoliating treatment to polish skin.
  3. Post shower, apply Shea Body Oil (Lemongrass) onto damp skin. This antioxidant rich treatment to lock in moisture, tighten & firm the skin.
  1. Once your skin has totally absorbed the oil, Apply the Shea body butter (Lemongrass). This moisturizing butter repairs & rejuvenates the skin giving you a healthy glow.

Toriara’s Tip

A little ‘Toriara Secret’ you can apply your scrub to your African black soap instead of a sponge or loofah, amazing? So, while you scrub and rejuvenate dull and flaky skin, hum your favorite song and feel relaxed and energized. Complete your body revitalizing treatment by wrapping yourself in a fluffy robe and light a candle for a cozy in-home spa moment.


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