• Premium Natural Ingredients – When we say natural, we actually mean it. We prioritize pure and clean ingredients above all else. Link to ingredient glossary. We believe in nature and its ability to heal troubled skin, calm the mind and invoke feelings of joy—that’s why we make plant-based products to power every aspect of your life and want you to indulge in natures goodness.

Toriara Naturals products are highly active and we only use pure, natural, premium and potent plant-based ingredients (botanical extracts, herbs, nuts, vitamins, minerals etc) and proven formulation methods which allows us to create superior performing products that demonstrate powerful efficacy and rejuvenating results.

  • Formulation transparency - As a farm to skin brand, we go to great lengths to ensure local sourcing and traceability of all our product ingredients. We source our raw ingredients directly from each supplier so we know and can trace everything that goes into our products. From the fair sourcing of our shea butter to the creation of our handmade bath, body and skincare products using nature’s best ingredients.

Our intention is to increase transparency in all aspects of what we create to empower our community with information that will help them make the right skin care choices and prioritise their beauty and wellness.

  • Authentic to Africa - Toriara Naturals is made in the heart of West Africa in Nigeria. We remain true to our African roots by promoting and showcasing the wonderful natural ingredients and the goodness from Africa’s earth, soil and tree to the rest of the world.
  • Inclusive Beauty – Creating products that are inclusive to everyone irrespective of skin tone has always been a dream come true. We recognise that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours and we simply want to promote the message of ‘self-love’ which is where TORIARA gets its name, whilst providing a safe space where people feel confident in their own skin.
  • Beauty Meets Wellness – Our philosophy is simple, overall wellness and wellbeing should be prioritized. We believe in self-care and self-love and we express it in skincare.

We believe beauty and wellness is the result of small, impactful choices made every day. That is why we offer all-natural solutions that seamlessly integrate into your life and a community to support you in feeling your best, every step of the way. The creation of spa at home experience using our brand unique products handmade in small batches is designed to make you feel relaxed, uplifted and beautiful