At Toriara, we deeply care for our community and economic inclusion is at the heart of our purpose. We source our shea butter directly from local women’s co-operatives, with whom we practice fair pricing. We believe that we can transform the lives of the women in Shea and empower their communities in a more ethical and purposeful way

We are also committed to empowering African women through employment to bridge the gender parity gap. As such, we are a female-owned business with an all-female employee. Our belief is that when you empower a woman, you empower a whole generation. We plan to extend this philosophy to our entire value chain of suppliers and outsourced service providers.

In January 2019, we formed a partnership with a cancer intervention charity - CancerAware, whose mission is to reduce the rising cancer incidence through education, advocacy, and patient support, especially among women in underprivileged communities in Nigeria.  We provide educational, feeding, and general welfare support to the children of women who have lost the battle to cancer. We are happy to be contributing to the well-being of these young children in our community and giving them hope for the future.

When you purchase TORIARA products, you empower a woman, transform a community and change the world.