​​Our Brand!


To ri ara brand was created to promote and showcase the goodness from Africa’s earth, soil and tree and to create awareness for a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Our range of body and haircare products are all freshly handmade and 100% natural using only the finest local, unrefined, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Amazing Products


Our most loved products includes our luxurious body butter, hair butter, raw sugar body scrub, sea salt body scrubs, lip scrub, lip balms and so much more.

Natural & Handcrafted


We are proud of the fact that all our ingredients are 100% natural. That means that you are not slathering your body with harsh chemicals, artificial colours or preservatives. All our products are handmade and fragranced with 100% pure essential oils, herbs and spices and we never use pre-manufactured bases…What you see is what you get!